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We believe in doing the best and provide following services

Microsoft Migrations, Azure and Data Center Solutions

We are expert in Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory migrations. We are also expert in Data center guidelines and give expert advice in saving cost on moving datacenter services to Azure or other clouds

Disaster Recovery, High Availability and BCP Solutions

We are expert in disaster recovery from years. One part of Disaster Recovery solution is high availability and we provide cost effective High Availability solutions as well. We also provide solutions for Business Continuity Plan

Cloud Services and Mobile Apps Developments Solutions

We are expert in implementing new cloud and migration solutions like Azure, Office 365, private cloud. Cloud services are emails, lync, sharepoint, Encryption, email gateways, online documents solutions. We are also expert in building mobile apps.

IT Mergers, Product testing and Training Solutions

We provide Exchange and Active Directory merger solutions, Hybrid solutions and migrations. We also do the product testing and recommend them. We also provide IT training solutions which can be online or onsite.

Technology Update

Envision and Ignite 2017 is Here | Golden Five will be Present at Envision and Ignite 2017 to help.