Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Today we are moving into in an era of automation and global advancement. The more we go for advancement and adopt new technology we are getting more deeper into the risk and disaster. Disasters are unavoidable. It can be a bigger disaster if a director’s laptop hdd crashes than a datacenter catching fire so we need to consider even a small disaster as a proper disaster and plan for it.


We can try to prevent them and also prepare an alternative solution.

We are not the first ones who are saying this but we might be someone who is emphasizing on this need.

Prevention needs a lot of planning and implementation at every level and the same applies to the alternate solution.

So there is no easy escape.

Prevention can be done by implementing all security guidelines like no kitchen close to datacenter or parking in a different building than office or separate laptop for office and home.

One of the alternate solutions can be keeping your services in High Availability mode.

High Availability would be required at every level starting from Power, Power backup, Entry, Security, Networks, Infrastructure, Staffing etc.


We are experienced professionals who took part in building these plannings and would like to help you in making your business disaster plan ready by working with you in preparing your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning with high availability and prevention techniques.