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Microsoft Exchange/Exchange Online

Experience :- 5 Years

Vacancy :- 1

Location :- Anywhere in USA - GC/Citizen

Salary :- Neotiable

Job Type :- FTE

Job Description

Candidate should be able to lead design workshops, taking clients through every option and best practice for Exchange/Exchange Online.

O365 Hybrid Migration, the ability to prove that the candidate has done multiple migrations from start to finish, can describe every part on the expert level and describe every step.

Provide an Exchange Online Design document sample that they have written on their own.

Candidate should be able to clearly describe Microsoft Exchange and Exchange Online best practices and preferred architecture.

  • We are looking for a consultant level, meaning an expert with experience to answer every customer question, bring real experience on projects to start to finish.  Working as part of a team on an O365 migration or working in an environment set up by a consulting company or someone else does not qualify.
  • Candidate must be able to demonstrate connecting technical solutions to business outcomes.
  • Communication skills are necessary, this consultant will be on the phone talking to clients 5-8 hours each day, needs to be able to clearly communicate and explain related subjects at an expert level.  Not only relay information but develop a relationship and project confidence on the related technology to the customer.  Talk to the candidate and ask them to explain any situation or a subject in detail and consider if you were a customer paying this person a lot of money per hour, would you be happy with the explanation and clarity provided?
  • If we have a hard time understanding and communicating with the candidate, we are going to assume that our customers will have trouble also.
  • If the project calls for migration tools, have experience configuring and using migration tools, meaning not using a tool someone else setup but start to finish have real experience and can install, configure, troubleshoot, answer best practices on the tool/migration process.
  • If the project calls for tenant to tenant, needs to have real-world experience with best practices and proof they have done one from start to finish without assistance from anyone. We will ask detailed, non-documented questions that can only be answered by someone that has done it. 

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